viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

With your permission.

I beg you, today I want to keep this light and fresh water.
I won´t try to dark the evening or cast a shadow over the wine.
So with your permission, i will go out of your dungeons.
Dragon and dungeons is an euphemism of heroin -that is what that weird-heavymetal-looking guy ,in that bus going to ko phi phi said.-
But i don´t mean that, you know what i mean.
Outside, the world is living; i can see it from the car,
People talks, smiles and that kind of repetitive shit.
But, look, it makes me blossom a bit, what can i do?
Sometimes the sthetics are the content.

With your permission; i am tired of drama, ambitions and desire to grow bigger and bigger.
With your permission; today it doesn´t bother that nobody should read this.
With your permission; i did my part, i wrote it.

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