sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011


Remember to learn after you are old,
Explore and change,
Never late, never late.

I tried to juice myself,
Time is running, flying,
Time is a rabbit after you.

I am trying to live,
Oh… I found it so fucking difficult.
But so delightful as well.

I am trying to enjoy,
Oh…I found it extremely tough,
Extremly row.
I must confess, it scares
Scares me to death.

I am trying to relax,
A lot of new -foreigner-based-on-old- philosophies tell you to meditate,
Abstract your inner self, but look at it.
I am trying to do so, but it doesn´t work
I am restless, my thoughts are disheveled,
I want to be…I want to know what I want to be.

I don´t want to be old and remember
To learn.
After you are born, you died, that is what Manrique said.
How wise are you…I wish I could be a tiny mollecule of your ink.
I don´t want to explore so much, I am getting tired,
Sincerely I don´t know how much i am willing to climb. Isn´t it enough? Could I find a place? Could i find a version of me that would satisfied me?

Never late, never late….
It was late a century ago, it was late for me.

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011

the cow´s steak

They sat in a wooden table,
The steak was raw, bloody fresh.
They sat and tried to decide…
I skeptically look at them…

Would they cook it?
I was thinking, barbacue should be fine.
The blood was overflowing the table.
And they still…still discussing what to do.
I said, we should steal the whole cow.
But they considered it was too risky.

The button was about to be pressed.
I felt so dissappointed, so bored,
The steak was rottening there beside
Us, beside us… we didn´t know what to do.

In the meanwhile, the cow is fine
I shout at them; The cow is healing!
They are already milking it now.
You…no idiots, but…idiots…
The cow is being milked again.

We should have stolen the cow,
But all of us still want coffee with milk,
Or cacao milk, or chai tea…
Milk in the cereals!
We should have stolen the cow.
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