sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011


Remember to learn after you are old,
Explore and change,
Never late, never late.

I tried to juice myself,
Time is running, flying,
Time is a rabbit after you.

I am trying to live,
Oh… I found it so fucking difficult.
But so delightful as well.

I am trying to enjoy,
Oh…I found it extremely tough,
Extremly row.
I must confess, it scares
Scares me to death.

I am trying to relax,
A lot of new -foreigner-based-on-old- philosophies tell you to meditate,
Abstract your inner self, but look at it.
I am trying to do so, but it doesn´t work
I am restless, my thoughts are disheveled,
I want to be…I want to know what I want to be.

I don´t want to be old and remember
To learn.
After you are born, you died, that is what Manrique said.
How wise are you…I wish I could be a tiny mollecule of your ink.
I don´t want to explore so much, I am getting tired,
Sincerely I don´t know how much i am willing to climb. Isn´t it enough? Could I find a place? Could i find a version of me that would satisfied me?

Never late, never late….
It was late a century ago, it was late for me.

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